Jan 28, 2005

Do we need Java.Net ?

I generally hate writing any -ve blogs but this one i can't resist blogging about java.net.

For the years,java.sun.com is been used by many java developers all over the world and it really works fine. Just post your question in one of the forums, i am sure you will get response within 24 hrs. This clearly shows community is very active here. Just add few links like blog.sun.com and post the news/updates, should be fine.

The only thing java.sun.com is missing from java.net is Projects. But again there are other well known communities exits from Apache to SourceForge,etc where Sun itself contributes codes.

Who is going to blog something useful in java.net ? All sun employees are in blog.sun.com and i am not really sure how many non-sun people will blog in java.net ?

The only useful information i find today in java.net is,

To Sun:
Don't spend your $'s in creating websites and duplicating the efforts. Leave the thing that works well(java.sun.com) and move on to create better products.

[a well wisher of open systems,open source and java]


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