Jul 24, 2006


I have created a new yahoo group called "microformats", http://groups.yahoo.com/group/microformats/ and if you are interested, go ahead join it. I want to keep this group specifically focus on microformats and pl keep your new discussion on/around microformats. Pl spread this to anyone who is interested in microformats. Right now, i am keeping it pretty open for the technical discussion around microformats and don't have plan to setup any user groups yet...but i will...

Hoping to see many of you in this group and have a great discussion around microformats.
If you want to know what the heck, this microformats is, then i encourage you to go thru -> this presentation first... Ofcourse, if you have more time, dive into, www.microformats.org

Let's build the lower case semantic web, the real web2.0.


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