Feb 19, 2010

App Cloud Triangle

We all know that how important is the developer community in the computer industry. An example: Click here to see the famous video of Steve Ballmer, shouting developers,developers,...

In the last 2 decades, companies like IBM, Borland, Apple, Microsoft, Sun and later open source foundations like Apache was driving the dev community.(mainframes, client/server & web)

Now the landscape is changing again! This time it's cloud. If you have any question about the success of cloud,just take a look at RightScale website. It says as of today, launched more than 900,000 cloud servers within short period of time! Today complete web platforms are built exclusively on cloud w/o internal data-centers!

So, the question is who is going to drive the web developer community in the cloud? The answer is whoever going to be the force behind the application ecosystem in the cloud. It may change in the future but now, I see that the following are the 3 main players going to be driving the developer community in the cloud.


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