Aug 16, 2006

"Google will set up a server farm in India"

I put the quotation mark in the title to indicate that its NOT my title...It's a news here .

This is interesting...building server farms is something I never know of in India during my times...may be it's all changed and have now better infrastructure available...

This is the second time, I am hearing about setting up server farms by silicon valley companies. The first one earlier this year was this news...
"CollabNet Sets Up Data Center in Chennai"

This is all very interesting development because as we move more & more stuff into the Internet cloud, operations & datacenter will play a major role in the SaaS/Web20 space. Here is Tim O'Reilly's blog, which talks about the importance of operations...

I am happy to see that web is becoming ubiquitous not just at the surface level but deep inside!


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