Apr 6, 2007

[website] Moving to Colorado.

In my previous blog, I mentioned about a MW article called "Has Silicon Valley lost it's edge" and I said "hasn't"...

I think the main competition to the valley is going to be within US itself rather than outside...Boston, Austin,Colorado & Seattle are going to challenge the Valley for sure, in near future.

One of my colleague asked me a question about Silicon Valley's future, while ago...
"Can Silicon Valley get dis-integrated?"

Technically with the wider adoption of broadband, importance of place is not significant and "remote work" works just fine. But still it's important!

I recently came across an interesting website in http://www.opencoffeeclub.org and it's about how to move from San Francisco to Colorado!!! Here it is,

So, what my colleague casually asked me was indeed a serious question and competition is heating up for the SV. If SV doesn't fix it's problems, it's going to be challenging here for the business & living.


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