Jul 15, 2007

iPhone & Mobile Web.

There was enough reviews written about Apple's iPhone but still it won't be like checking it out in person. So I decided to go to one of the Apple Stores in bayarea(Valley Fair mall) on Saturday & check it out. I spend quality amount of time to check out all the features, including things like network settings.

My opinion is that Apple yet again proved that they are superior in the GUI design and consumer devices. This iPhone is a game changing mobile device and it makes easier to browse the web, SMS & emails.(i didn't bother much about voice or music, assumed it will be good) IMO, in the long run this device will have a huge impact on the mobile web. If you look at the way, we used the web, it was PC made it simpler to browse the web. Then came laptops. Now people are increasingly wants to connect to the web all the time. But the current device that we carry are NOT good for mobile web. So, here goes Apple iPhone which makes it easier. I classify something like this for browsing web:

Web 1.0 Browsing Device : PC
Web 2.0 Browsing Device : Laptopbs & other limited mobile devices
Web 3.0 Browsing Device : Apple iPhone + ?

Overall, it was a very positive experience for me. I would buy one. It's a good device.


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