Dec 22, 2007

My (tech) Predictions for '08

This is the time of the year, we see lot's of tech predictions like this, this... I thought i can contribute some things for my share! In general, trying to predict in the tech industry is hard...because of so many factors like economy,etc..

My predictions are about the web and here is the list.
  1. PC Web
    • I think the "semantic web" will start play some role here to make few things better, few things easier and even can monetize few things...Some people call this as Web3.0 but in general, this will start enable machine learning and machine to machine communication richer.
  2. Mobile Web
    • Before i predict for '08, i would like to take a look at what happened in 07. "Mobile Web failed Jobs & iPhone" in 07. Yes, i too had great expectation of fwd thinking web architecture in mobile instead of client/server model. With the expected iPhone SDK from Apple in Feb'08, it's clear that for some more time, its going to be the native apps that's going to rule the mobile web. Sorry, the browser based apps in mobile have technical + human constraints!
  3. Device Web
    • This is very interesting web. Apple's iPod, Skype Phones, Amazon's Kindle are some examples of devices getting connected to the web. Traditionally these devices were stand alone and boring ones...Let's see what other devices gets connected to web in next few years.
  4. Enterprise Web
    • It's the SaaS. Slowly but steadily things are moving out of the firewall inside the enterprise in to the cloud computing. Did i say NetSuite had a good IPO recently?

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year-08!


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