Feb 29, 2008

"Netscape"- The name never dies!

I was recently installing a software product and noticed that this product installs a low level library called "Netscape Portable Runtime". It immediately strike me that the 'Netscape' name is NEVER going to die!

Netscape was such a powerful company, which brought some fundamental technologies to the web like SSL, commercialization of LDAP, scalable webserver, etc...It's legacy still carries forward in many products like mozilla and wikipedia even claims that java uses Netscape Portable Rutime.

I worked in Netscape as a consultant and my office was in one of the Netscape buildings in Middlefield Road in Mountain View. It was an excellent experience and my email id used to be "subbara at-sign netscape dot com". Time has gone but memories are still fresh...

So, the Netscape name might have disappeared from the consumers perspective but not in the web products that they are using it...

Long live Netscape name!


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