Jan 31, 2009

Web 3.0 = 3i (Innovation In Infrastructure)

The times are tough and economy is in pretty bad shape. But it will come back strongly. It will take time. We have gone through it before. We have to make some adjustments. We can't just keep spending. We need to work hard. We have to focus on education. As our president says, it's not months for recovery and it may be years...before we see the light at the end of tunnel.

Just a reminder: dot com burst took 3 years for recovery. (2001-2003)

Every recession has brought out some new technologies/companies. I am sure this one won't be any difference...

In the high tech world, we saw the emergence of "Web 2.0" after the dot come burst. Now the web has become part of our life. It's even safe to say that web is the 4th thing (many)people needs to survive besides air, water and food.

So, the question is what are we going to see in the high tech world after this recession? IMO, we will see lot's of 3i. (Innovation in Infrastructure).

The majority of web systems are built using very old client/server technologies with so called 3 tier architectures. They are expensive, complex and hard to scale. The web2.0 folks are fixing this mess big time inside their infrastructure. Already there is a new wave in web architecture is going on... HTTP has become the de facto standard from browser to all the way back to data storage.

The question is how many of those great engineers are available? 10, 100 or 1000? So, how about the remaining 90% of IT shops to come to the Web20 style on-demand scale infrastructure? This gives opportunity to new companies to build great (simple,scalable,secure) web infrastructure products for the masses. We saw the emergence of infrastructure companies like Juniper Networks in the Web 1.0 and will see lots of it again in Web 3.0.

Again in my opinion, Web 3.0 is not about semantic web OR mobile web. Those are already here and is working. It's about 3i.


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