Oct 30, 2011

Senior Software Engineer - Web GUI Framework


We are a stealth mode Silicon Valley cloud startup in the engineering domain, doing 3D graphics over the web. We are looking for a lead Web GUI engineer and pl find the job description below.

Referral Fee: Company is offering $2K, if the candidate is hired. If interested, pl email me: uday.s@comcast.net


This is a ground floor opportunity to make a great impact to the product and company to build the modern Web 2.0 style GUI framework that will be used by high profile customers worldwide on everyday basis over the cloud. This is a hands-on position to design and build the modern Web GUI using the latest Web 2.0 style technologies on top of JVM.
·        Design and build a web scale GUI framework on top of our back end platform with strong focus on ease of use for product features
·        Work closely with graphics engineers to deliver high performance 3D graphics using this web framework.
·        Work closely with our back end Java server team to use the REST API for data management.
·        Required to quickly translate product UI requirements into prototypes and followed by production quality web GUI.


·       Strong desire to work for a dynamic silicon valley startup
·       At least one publicly demonstrable product experience in building Web GUI. (URL preferred to study the design)
·       Passionate about delivering the best possible user experience to millions of users worldwide over the cloud
·       Very strong Java web software development experience on top of web containers like Apache Tomcat with deep experience in REST API, HTTP internals and web scale needs for the GUI.
·       Distributed session management in the cloud environment and exposure to load balancers like HA Proxy.
·       Previous experience in building web GUI using frameworks like Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Apache Wicket, Play Framework, Spring MVC, Struts, etc. is needed
·       Expert-level knowledge of HTML 5, XML, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, XSL, XSLT, JQuery, node.js and other Web 2.0 technologies.
·       Exposure to Flash (specifically Stage 3D), WebGL and other 3D graphics frameworks are strong pluses.
·       Experience with tools like Google UI Designer or Google Plugin for Eclipse and participation in usability studies are pluses.
·       Strong object oriented design, development and programing.
·       Experience in working with cross-functional teams and ability to establish strong working relationships with remote colleagues
·       Strong verbal and written communication skills
BS/MS in Computer Science or related degrees


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