Sep 11, 2006

Another SOA startup Exit = Infravio

First congratulations to Infravio team to make it an exit. I think this company is in business for a while and survived the dot-com burst. Good job, guys.

I don't want to put this exit in either one of the categories like before(successful exit or not) for 2 reasons:
  1. I was involved in the world's first repository based registry open source product development and Infravio was one of the commercial vendors that endorsed this concept. So, I like them.
  2. My friend is involved in Infravio...
[NOTE:I don't have any personal interest what so ever with this company.]
So, I leave it to the readers to come to a conclusion!

As I said previously, here and here, one more gone. IMO, this basically leaves few(3?) 1st generation (successful) SOA startups in the market...I don't want to name them here as any one in the industry, will know it. These exits most probably may wrap the SOA startup show(for now). I don't know any "copy cats" & "me too's" popping up but who cares about them.

If you notice these 1st generation SOA startups, (in general)they are ALL very successful companies(don't just look for the exit numbers alone-timing may be one of the reasons). They have defined a space/technology, build "deployable" products, deployed to many customers, generated revenue and educated the space. Great Job!

Then, this leaves the question:
Is SOA space is over startups?

I don't think so!

As everyone know, SOA is an evolution, this thing may go on for next 10 years easily(if US economy NOT slows down, it it does, then more)& it will create many more opportunities...IMO, SOA may break down in to many concrete sub-categories going fwd,like SON(which is my passionate sub-category), SOCS(Service Oriented Communication System),etc...

Tech is always fun.


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