Sep 9, 2006

An Executive @ Pep Boys says...SaaS is good.

Here is an interesting quote, I found today about IT & SaaS. It says:
One quote from an executive at Pep Boys should send chills down an IT manager’s spine: “The less IT involvement there is, the less grief there is. The less grief there is, the faster I get to my ROI…[With on-demand] I don't have to go through the internal bureaucracy in the IT department to figure out what size hardware they need and how to fit this in.”
This is a typical problem today in the business community. Why would an executive at Pep Boys has to worry about hardware,software or networking issues? This is very similar to back in early days when steel companies used to run electricity departments to generate power.

The SaaS here makes total sense and for him, IT should be like electricity, just pay as you use...Don't outsource your IT infrastructure, instead rent it. Outsourcing is not a permanent solution, you are just bringing another layer of people between your business & IT. Infact, some cases it may even complicate things for your employees.



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