Mar 24, 2008

SaaSCon 2008

I am attending SaaSCon 2008 conference here in Santa Clara, CA. If you are attending this event and want to let you know that , I am open for networking... drop me an email or make a comment here.

I attended this event and it was a successful conference. I see a significant uptake in no of attendees, vendors and customer participation in the conference. Unlike typical tech conferences focusing on vendors, this was mostly towards the customers of SaaS.

Many CIO's participated in the conference and everyone of them confirmed that SaaS is the future for their IT needs. Infact one CIO mentioned that it was all internal apps in 2002 to all external(SaaS) apps now in 2008.

There is a big shift happening inside the enterprise, by moving the non-core apps to SaaS. There were even talk about SaaS1.0, SaaS2.0 and cloud computing.

All I can say is that now even transaction oriented apps are evolving in Web on top of the consumer focused apps. Web is the next Radio for humans!


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