Apr 9, 2009

State of Economy

It was a very busy last few months for me and wanted to blog about few things...but never got time to write. I was reading a blog and came across:

"bad 2009 and a weak 2010 and maybe a better 2011".

I agree with the above statement. I remember all the talks about V, U shape recoveries after dot-com burst but it took 2001-2003(3 years) to recover it. That was just one sector crash. Now the complete economy is in toilet. The question is how long it will take? 3 years or 5 years or 10 years?

I am not an economist but I agree with the above statement- 3 years. IMO, it doesn't matter whether it's a single sector crash or multi-sector crash, recovery takes time and it's the same.


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