Feb 4, 2012


Happy New Year - 2012!

There are lots of optimism and hope for 2012 in the tech world compared to last few years. This optimism brings new energy and new energy brings new innovations. One of the new innovation that may become mainstream in 2012 is Node.js!

What is Node.js?
A new server-side web framework using JavaScript. It's a wrapper on top of v8.

What is Node.js? (engineering definition from the web site)
Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

What is the website for Node.js?

What is v8?
It's a JavaScript Engine from Google.

Where is v8 used?
Google Chrome browser.

Who is the lead engineer for v8?
Lars Bak

Who is Lars Bak?
He was a former Sun engineer and was the lead for Hotspot JVM. If you have to count the top 10 VM engineers in the world, it's safe to say that Lars will be one of them. His engineering track record speaks for it.

Why do I think Node.js will succeed?
1) Google's V8 JavaScript engine (Lars Bak + other engineers)
2) Strong community
3) JavaScript

What is the use-case of Node.js?
Real-time communications in the web properties.

How strong is the Node.js community?
Very strong and is growing.

Is Node.js is just a framework or an ecosystem?
Node.js is a framework and it has got a strong ecosystem around it. I mean the libraries.

How big is the ecosystem?
is the answer. You can see how many libraries are already available for Node.js.

How to install programs in Node.js?
NPM (Node Package Manager)

Finally, Is Node.js competes or compliments Java?
Currently, its a complimentary framework. If this momentum continues (JavaScript for both front end and back end), Node.js may become the Tier-1 in the server-side web computing. I don't think it will replace Java but clearly lot of other frameworks like PHP, Ruby, Python, etc will take a hit with the growth of Node.

There are 2 factors that are highly influencing and favoring Node.js now.

a) Server-side JavaScript framework
The importance of JavaScript in the web computing is increasing on a daily basis and server-side JavaScript was discussed/debated for many years. Lack of good server framework made it challenge for JavaScript to succeed in the server side for long time and Node.js is the answer for it.

b) Real-time communications
In both side (consumer web & SaaS), there is a high demand for real time use cases and Node.js is becoming answer for it.

Do Yourself A Favor in 2012: Learn JavaScript!


At 2/04/2012 10:45 PM, Anonymous Krishna Sankar said...

Good summary. Yep, node.js has the potential to become a Tier-1 server-side artifact.

“We believe that Node.js is a programming mega-event on the scale of Java or Ruby on Rails. [It is] not merely a new way of expressing existing ideas, but rather a new way of thinking about how software systems should be built.” VentureBeat quoting Joyent VP Bryan Cantrill


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