Dec 7, 2006

Infoworld: Software Trend for 2007

This is the time of year, we will start to see lot's of predictions for next year about technology trends...from individuals to companies to big web properties.

The Infoworld one got my attention, click here.

Did you see "SaaS" in there and I agree with them. SaaS/On-Demand with "pay as you use" model is the future for the lot's of applications!

Did you also notice "SOA" at the bottom...the way to read the paragraph is,
"...several years running....still in its earliest stages of adoption...."
Even in 2010, there is a good possibility that we may continue to read like this...but as I said earlier, the underneath technologies like SOAP, REST, XML, WS are all will continue to make progress. Infact, they are making progress right now as we speak about them. It's only the buzzword "SOA" will loose it's value.

Happy Holiday & take care.


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