Mar 28, 2008

Silicon Valley & BuzzWord

The Silicon Valley & buzzwords are like 2 rails in the rail road- inseparable! It keeps the train(business) running... & there is a reason to it.

The buzzword brings energy & enthusiasm. Then, this creates the bubble. The bubble brings the opportunity. The opportunity brings $ home!

This cycle repeats again & again! Valley never tired of creating this cycle...

If you think, Web2.0, Web3.0 or SaaS is the latest buzzword, sorry, you are 6 months outdated. The new buzzword is "Cloud Computing".

Rest of nation & rest of the world is now worried so much about the US economic recession, but NOT Valley. Unlike last time, where valley got hit badly, this time the energy level seems to be very high even in the midst of this recession- thanks to Cloud Computing!

Here are some pointers, if you are interested in learn more about Cloud Computing:
SDForum Demo Event, click here.
Fat east in Czech Republic, Netbeans & Systinet Founder(Roman Stanek) is also on to Cloud Computing for his 3rd startup. Click here & here, for details.

Welcome Cloud Computing!


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