Sep 26, 2004

Next best to Bangalore =Kovai.

Bangalore is a great city but Bangalore has reached it's full capacity and companies are exploring other cities to setup R&D centers...One city that comes nearly close to Bangalore is Kovai.(full name Coimbatore)

Why Coimbatore for Software R&D ?
[1] Good weather & water.
It is surrounded by mountains and sweet Siruvani water is something that Kovai people are proud of -

[2]Very good airport

[3] There are many world class engineering colleges that produces 1000's of engineering graduates,post graduates and Ph.D's every year.

1.PSG Tech:

2.Coimbatore Institute of Technology

3.Govt. College of Technology:

& many more colleges:

The list goes on & on.... These are some of the colleges that supplies brain power to Bangalore.

[4] Ooty
Ooty is close for vaccation...

[5] There are already many software R& D companies out there...

[6]For stay, many good hotels like this -

So,why wait ?
Did I say the cost of living is "much" lower compared to Bangalore ?

Did I say the salary is also "much" lower compared to Bangalore ?

Did I say that "attrition rate" is much lower compared to Bangalore ?

There is even an incubation facility inside PSG College of Technology to get bootstrap your business,it's called PSG STEP(Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park).

Coimbatore ALSO a wonderful place for Software R&D


Sep 18, 2004


I just renewed my car registration online and it took only 2 mins..

It is a great effort by DMV to make it online and Internet is changing life...
So,you make sure that your auto insurance company is sending your insurance information in 1's & o's to DMV instead of paper.


Sep 7, 2004

Gmail invitation.

I have few gmail invitations and let me know,if you need one.


Sep 6, 2004

Yahoo Group for Sun Alumni

if you are an ex-sun employee,you might want to join this yahoo group:

This is a pretty active alias and useful for job searching,networking,etc... It has more than 1300 members.