Aug 31, 2007

Trip to Detroit

I spend last week(Aug 20th week) in Detroit(South Field) for a business meeting. This is my 1st trip to Detroit. I like the area and lot's of green. Very nice people with clean air. I stayed in Town Center and its a very nice place.

I was really surprised to see the quality of infrastructure- poor roads, stagnant waters, broken homes?, etc... The fall of auto industry & poor economy is very visible. A friend of mine is living there for a while and he was telling me that even 10years back, place looked good. They are also thinking of moving out of the place...even though they like it very much! The local newspapers talks about the housing industry in details, everyday....the foreclosures!

Let's hope that the Detroit auto industry comes back and brings out eco-friendly cars with focus on MPG.

Aug 15, 2007

Xensource is bought for $500M.

Earlier in one of my post, I mentioned about the importance of COS(Commercial Open Source) model and here goes a validation for it:

"We prefer more freeware and open source," said Boone, CEO of AppCentral Technologies, in San Francisco.
you can find more information about this deal, here & here.

This is just beginning of end of the closed source software products.

Aug 9, 2007

Barcamp, Palo Alto

If you are in the valley during Aug18-19, you may want to check out:

I am planning to attend this event, though i may not be spending all 2 days. (travel + family)

Aug 6, 2007

Andy Bechtolsheim about Mobile Web.

Here is a great quote:
"Bechtolsheim predicted that mobile wireless access will have a major impact in the future of the Internet, untethering users from service providers".

For more information, read the zdnet blog here:

This is from the Stanford's AlwaysOn Summit.

The mobile web is getting pretty interesting and will have a huge impact on the application architectures in the data centers.