Apr 19, 2009

"India: A Glimpse of Past & Present"

I came across a nice presentation about past & present of India. The author has done a nice job of putting together this presentation. I came across this presentation in B.V.J's LinkedIn profile.

Click here for the Google link and enjoy it. I am not sure who is the author of the presentation...It reminds me that don't forget to put your name & email id in the presentations.

Apr 17, 2009

Useful Spam

I don't delete spam with out looking at the subject/name, just to make sure that there is no false positive. Today I saw a real spam message in my personal email with the subject as-

"Never Give up your dreams of!"

and it forced to me read the message. The message is,

"Believing in the Future is not delivered to the moments of crisis. It is to head up and continue their struggle in search of better times. It is not ever quit!"

I spend a minute to think about it and this is a useful spam!

Apr 9, 2009

State of Economy

It was a very busy last few months for me and wanted to blog about few things...but never got time to write. I was reading a blog and came across:

"bad 2009 and a weak 2010 and maybe a better 2011".

I agree with the above statement. I remember all the talks about V, U shape recoveries after dot-com burst but it took 2001-2003(3 years) to recover it. That was just one sector crash. Now the complete economy is in toilet. The question is how long it will take? 3 years or 5 years or 10 years?

I am not an economist but I agree with the above statement- 3 years. IMO, it doesn't matter whether it's a single sector crash or multi-sector crash, recovery takes time and it's the same.