Apr 27, 2007

Open ID Presentation

Few months back, I mentioned about "Open ID" and here is a latest presentation, which gives more info about it...


Apr 26, 2007

Positive Experience with OpenOffice

I recently started using OpenOffice 2.2 products and love it! If you are paying ton of money to buy the office products and you may want to give Open Office 2.2, a try...it's worth it. I strongly encourage you to try this FREE open source product.

It is significantly improved from the previous versions and have used previous 1.x versions, this is one is much, much better...

Great work by the Open Office community.

Apr 24, 2007

Call Center: Dial A Human

I came across this interesting website, here.
This website gives hints about how to get to the customer service representative quickly... good info, saves time.


Apr 14, 2007

Happy Tamil New Year.

Today(14April2007) is a Tamil New Year. I wish you all a very happy tamil new year. Tamil year also has 12 months and 1st month is called "Chiththirai". Wikipedia has more info on tamil calender...

Apr 6, 2007

[website] Moving to Colorado.

In my previous blog, I mentioned about a MW article called "Has Silicon Valley lost it's edge" and I said "hasn't"...

I think the main competition to the valley is going to be within US itself rather than outside...Boston, Austin,Colorado & Seattle are going to challenge the Valley for sure, in near future.

One of my colleague asked me a question about Silicon Valley's future, while ago...
"Can Silicon Valley get dis-integrated?"

Technically with the wider adoption of broadband, importance of place is not significant and "remote work" works just fine. But still it's important!

I recently came across an interesting website in http://www.opencoffeeclub.org and it's about how to move from San Francisco to Colorado!!! Here it is,

So, what my colleague casually asked me was indeed a serious question and competition is heating up for the SV. If SV doesn't fix it's problems, it's going to be challenging here for the business & living.

Apr 5, 2007

[news] Has Silicon Valley lost its edge?

Marketwatch has an interesting news article called, "Has Silicon Valley lost its edge?"
My answer is, "it hasn't". One thing for sure is that competition everywhere for silicon valley now...

Apr 3, 2007

Web 2.0 ==Bug fixing of Web 1.0???

I was very busy for last few months and couldn't able to blog... Now I think is the best time to talk about the "reality" of Web 2.0, as the buzz meter has gone down and reality is emerging...
Note: I don't read much in to the names like web 2.0...what ever, i am fine.

I look at the evolution of web like this:
Web 1.0: 1995-2005 (Origin)
Web 2.0: 2005-2010 (Intermediary)
Web 3.0:2010-2020 (2nd Generation)

We all know about web 1.0 and let's leave it there... If you look at Web 2.0, closely from a user perspective, it's bringing 'better experience' than Web 1.0.
There are 2 enabling factors: "broadband everywhere" & "fat pc"(fast CPU + more memory).
If I look from an engineering perspective(bottom-up), Web 2.0 is fixing the Web 1.0 bugs and this is a natural thing...nothing unusual. In the software engineering, as soon as we release any 1.0 product, the next thing is to go in to "bug fixing" mode to release a Service Pack or 1.1. In fact, many times 1.1 is the actual software that customer will use it in production. 1.0 is for to play with or to understand the product...

Let's take a look at some examples to compare Web 1.0 & Web 2.0:
HTML static mail -- AJAX automatic refresh mail
Mapquest -- Google Maps
Groups -- Social Networks
& many others...

This doesn't mean that Web 2.0 is bad and in fact it's good.(when is fixing bugs are bad?) The bug fix also involves innovation and there are lot's of healthy innovation going on now...It's very good for the web industry.

So, what's next? Is it Web 3.0? I don't bother much about the names... It's going to be "mobile". Current web is build primarily for the PC/Browser interface and it will change. The 2nd generation is about extending/creating the interface to Mobile and it will bring lot's of challenges and opportunities.

IMO, "Mobile Web" is the next wave in the web and already many ground works are happening now, including the standards work.
Here is Bill Joy's forward looking presentation and its worth listening to it:
Long live Web!