Jul 26, 2006

IGNORE my previous post.

I didn't realize that there is already a mailing list setup to discuss microformats( microformats-discuss@microformats.org) and NO NEED to have another one...

I am going to DEACTIVATE this yahoo group and let's all use the above one.


Jul 24, 2006


I have created a new yahoo group called "microformats", http://groups.yahoo.com/group/microformats/ and if you are interested, go ahead join it. I want to keep this group specifically focus on microformats and pl keep your new discussion on/around microformats. Pl spread this to anyone who is interested in microformats. Right now, i am keeping it pretty open for the technical discussion around microformats and don't have plan to setup any user groups yet...but i will...

Hoping to see many of you in this group and have a great discussion around microformats.
If you want to know what the heck, this microformats is, then i encourage you to go thru -> this presentation first... Ofcourse, if you have more time, dive into, www.microformats.org

Let's build the lower case semantic web, the real web2.0.

Jul 7, 2006

Usage of Open Source inside Commercial Products.

If you have open source products(especially GPL) inside your commercial products, you may want to check out the latest edition of SDForum newsletter....

It has Cisco/LinkSys and IBM/Think Dynamics problems in detail....