Jul 22, 2005

Interesting blog

AON/MAN is an interesting space in the context of SOA.
Here is the link.

Jul 17, 2005

"WALK" for Kids Education.

I am a member/volunteer of a non-profit organization called "TEAM". TEAM is organizing a walk on 28Aug2005 at Shoreline Park,Mountain View,California. It starts at 08:30am.

If you have time,pl participate in the walk. You can get more info and last year event details,etc at,


Jul 13, 2005

Colin Powell to join Silicon Valley's KPCB

Wow, news.
I was very thrilled to read this news today,

This is the power of America. The former U.S. secretary of state now coming to VC company to help the entrepreneurs is a great thing... I am sure his global experience is going to be very valuable to KPCB and their portfolio companies.

Congratulations to KPCB team and Colin Powel.

Welcome Mr.Powel to the World's Center of High Tech Innovation.


Jul 6, 2005

Company moves from India to Silicon Valley (for talent)

I read an interesting news article today about a company called "Epiance" which moved it's headquarters to Bayarea from Bangalore.

You can read what CEO and VC says about this move here,


Breaking the silence

I am on a business trip to Bangalore and staying here for the last month & half, that'z why couldn't able to blog regularly...I am doing some travel to visit family/friends in the week ends and it consumes lots of my time.

Here in India, everyting takes time and sometime even connecting to the Internet itself from hotel room itself is a task :-(