Oct 22, 2016

Scaling your MQTT Deployment from Trial to Millions of Clients

By 2020, industry experts are projecting over 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be deployed.  To accommodate IoT devices with low power and bandwidth requirements, organizations are using MQTT, a standard lightweight protocol for IoT communication.

MQTT shifts today's request/response web paradigm to an event-driven publish/subscribe architecture which is a perfect fit for IoT use cases. Supporting a large number of MQTT devices requires enterprises to build infrastructure with fully automated operations that can grow from a single data center to a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

This webinar focuses on scaling MQTT infrastructure and includes use cases showing enterprise and cloud-based deployments.  It answers the following: 
  • What are the MQTT scaling challenges?
  • How is MQTT broker capacity scaled within a datacenter?
  • What are the challenges in load balancing: MQTT over TCP? MQTT over WebSocket?
  • How can changes (e.g. new broker) be dynamically managed in MQTT environments?
  • How does load balancing improve MQTT broker availability and performance?
  • How do clients seamlessly access MQTT brokers across a hybrid cloud?
  • What are examples of MQTT deployments?
Dominik Obermaier, CTO, HiveMQ
Dore Rosenblum, VP Marketing and Products, Elastic Beam

Register for the live event: https://mqttscaling.clickmeeting.com/mqtt-scaling-webinar/register
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 | 9AM PDT