Jan 25, 2007

What is my ID on the Web?

There is a problem in the web today...creating profiles again & again.

Do you forget your ID on a web site? Do you forgot a password on a website? Do you use the same password on more than one website?

Isn't it sounds like a familiar to all of us? STOP WORRYING ABOUT THIS!

The folks @ OpenID are doing a great job. Your ID is a URI. For example, it will be http://someID.someDOMAIN.com. Then you can use this ID everywhere, no need to create profiles in the websites that supports OpenID.

How can I create a OpenID profile? If you are an advanced user(aka geek), then you can setup yourself one...For normal users, there are many providers:

If you see a website that accepts OpenID, like
then you can use your OpenID that you created to log in to the website.

You can also control how much/what information you want to share with the web properties! Isn't cool? Yes.

Here is a 5 min Google video, that explains this process well.

Jan 12, 2007

SOA Facts

I wanted blog something else, but end up mentioning SOA again :-(

i been referred this site recently...so one more SOA blog from me, hopefully the last one for this year!

If you are a supporter of SOA, don't visit, otherwise enjoy...

Jan 9, 2007

CES & Mac World

I am trying to follow the 2 big tech events currently going on in Las Vegas & San Francisco and it's hard to follow everything...One is CES and the other one is Mac World!

I am planning to dig deep in to iPhone technical details and looks like an interesting product. Let's see, whether this can open up the mobile platform like PC platform for innovation. My 1st Apple product is iPod and it looks like my 2nd Apple product is going to be iPhone!!!

Then in CES, I found this is interesting quote ...
"By 2010, 20 homes networked together in a neighborhood will have more load across their network than the entire Internet did in 1995," he said. "This is what gets a networking person excited."
-John Chamber, CEO, Cisco Systems, Inc.

To me, this is a very strong statement and also reflects the strength of consumer market space. Let's see what type of acquisitions will Cisco make in the near future and see the market growth here...

Enjoy your CES & Mac World news in the websites and blogsphere.

Jan 8, 2007

Silicon Valley Winter

I am living here in Silicon Valley for last several years and never seen this much "warm" during the winters! Friends/family members across the nation are saying the same thing...warmness!

Last year(2006) summer was very hot in bayarea...I remember the temperature crossing over 110 in some places...

The time has come for the humanity to seriously think about Global Warming! Some pointers for you:
  1. Wikipedia
  2. YouTube Video
  3. Yahoo Recent News
So, you can understand why this blog is in red color.

Lets all work together in small possible ways, to solve this danger to our next generation.