Apr 18, 2005

1/2 Page Business Plan!

In the startup world, the first doc that the entrepreneur will write is so called "business plan". There is so much been discussed, talked and written about this doc. To my share, i spend some quality amount of time to understand business plans.

But today, when i see this news,
which says,
"The business plan for Intel was famously written on half a sheet of paper. Yahoo! never had a formal plan. But in both cases, the founders had a very clear idea of the product or service they wanted to build."

I would say,


Apr 12, 2005


I was playing with JAXB for a while and i am very impressed with the technology. JAXB is trying to solve a real,hard problem for the developers. As everyone agrees, XML is a great technology to send data between 2 disparate applications but the challenge is to bind this data into the object space for the business processes. JAXB solves this problem nicely for the developers masking all the intricacies of XML.

I understood that JAX-RPC2.0 is using JAXB internally for the databinding and also the FastInfoset project in java.net.

If you are tired of all the hypes of XML, you might want to check out this one technology.