Aug 22, 2005

BEA + Plumtree=Good Combination

This is a good combination in the middle tier space. Plumtree has No:1 portal server and it makes sense for BEA to buy it. Now customers will benefit from this merger...No:1 Portal server running on the No:1 App Server.

Aug 16, 2005

Writable Web.

If you noticed my email signature, it would say,
"I don't blog but e-write".

I was of the opinion that the correct name for blog is "e-write" because you are writing on the web like how you read mail and call it as email.

Today, I was reading Tim Bray's blog and he says,
"I think that blogging and syndication, A.K.A. the writable web.."

ah,ha...So, I am correct in calling blog as e-write!


Aug 14, 2005

Who got funding in Q205?

Here is the list and it may be useful for entrepreneurs who are trying to indentify who got funded for what by whom and how much....And also, if you are looking for a job/change of job and wants to work in startups, these companies may be hiring as they got more $ to expand their operation.
Here is the link.

'You've got to find what you love,' Steve Jobs says

I loved this article. I have watched Woz/Jobs videos and "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" movie... I learned what it could take
"to be success".

Take time to read this, I am sure you will like it.

Aug 5, 2005

Registry Comparison Matrix

Farrukh Najmi of Sun has created a Registry Comparison matrix(LDAP, UDDI and ebXMl Registry) and it's worth checking, if you are in the SOA space.
Here is the link.

Aug 3, 2005

Cell Phone: India & US

I was in India for the last 2 months and was surprised to see the "Quality" of the cell phone coverage...It is totally unbelievable...It just works everywhere even when in the trains,roads,small towns...not just works, the roaming also fantastic.

On top of it, it is "cheap", real cheap. No cost for the incoming calls, SMS is pretty cheap and popular.

I never seen any such service in India like this before...Good job.

Then i am back to bayarea, turned ON the phone, i just see 1 OR no lines inside in many places like office and it's very frustrating...I use Cingular. It's expensive and not sure how SMS costs here.

This is one area where US carriers are definitely behind the Indian carriers.

I use the Motorola V551 phone and it was very useful in India.(unlock it here in the US itself).