Jan 30, 2010

Cloud vs SOA

What is Cloud Computing?
Customers to Vendors: You integrate Your products and give me a bundle to create a service.

What is SOA?
Vendors to Customers: Here is all my point products exposed as services(API) and You integrate my products to create Your service.

It's the question of who is doing integration! The basis for web-services technologies are all about integration and is the reason it exists in both buzzword.

Any one wants to disagree?

Jan 27, 2010

"Big Vacuum"

Today Oracle closes the Sun deal and "sunw/java" is history today. As a former Sun employee, i describe Sun as "brain power doing good things for last 3 decades".

Sure, many tech companies has brain power. Then many non-profit like Apache is doing good things. The unique thing about Sun is "both".

Here is some examples-
[1] Open workstations
[2] Solaris
[3] NFS
[4] Java
[5] ZFS

Sun changed the computing for-ever. Good bye independent Sun.

A big vacuum is created in the computing industry today.