Sep 27, 2005

Happy 7th Birthday Google,Inc.

Let's wish a "happy birthday" for Google. 7 years back 2 stanford students setup their 1st datacenter in the stanford dorm room and absolutely no question what so ever that they have "shacked" the world!

Long live innovation, silicon valley and passion!

Sep 24, 2005

Tony Li left Cisco (again)...

Here is the news link.
Couple of interesting points, he is not going to do another super fast router and in fact he is not doing a networking startup et all...

According to this news article, networking industry has done a great job in putting the infrastructure in place and nothing much can be done. So, he is getting into the content distribution space...

IMO, this is an interesting space.

Sep 12, 2005

Bubble 2.0

Click here. -Uday.