Jun 18, 2006

World Cup Soccer: US vs Italy

I saw this match live on TV, wow...what a match. US team was able to battle Italy for 1:1 tie!(even with 2 red cards...) I enjoyed watching this game and let's see how US plays against Czech Republic!

As this news says, now Group E is in utter chaos!
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Jun 16, 2006


Many of us forgot about Jini, and I was surprised to see how Jini is actually used in reality, production systems and that too with high performance web systems like Orbitz.com:

With Jini services, all we have to do is load the software, plug the system into the network, and fire up the application.
-Leon Chism, Orbitz VP of Development and Chief Internet Architect

And here about SOA & Jini, blog...

More info is here,

Is Jini, forgotten beauty?

If you think Jini is only for devices, it's wrong...The above Orbitz example shows how real Jini is...