Aug 30, 2004

JBoss ready for enterprise level deployments

This is an interesting read:

1. JBoss has a very large development team -- over 91 members...

2.With 78 OSMM points, JBoss qualifies it to be used broadly in commercial enterprise settings

Hey Marc,you got it right man...Congratulations!
Open source rocks in 21st century(Linux,Apache & now a J2EE server)

I wish for a "Mozilla Firefox like open source Desktop OS based on Linux" ,a very simple OS easy enough to handle,configure it...!


Aug 23, 2004

forgotten beauty=gSOAP(open source c++ soap impl)

If you care about middleware/webservices, take a look at this beauty-gSOAP:

Don't you think open source is the way to go ? If not better has changed from closed source with limited resources for developers and user level binary testing...

Enjoy gSOAP,

Aug 21, 2004

my blog history



TEAM Walk on Aug28th,Mountain View,CA

The non-profit organization TEAM( is organizing a walk on Auguest 28th(8am) in Mountain View,CA and if you are interested in knowing more about the event,here is the URL:

This organization is about helping poor kids educations in your motherland.


Aug 12, 2004

JavaONE-2004 Presentations.

Thanks to Sun, all the JavaOne 2004 slides are online now and I spend my precious early monring hrs to click thru all the presentations to get an overview of what'z going on...

[1]The slides of "very interest" to me are from the "customers" who implemented the technology.
I went thru all the slides in their presentations and it gives a real world experience. Take a look at,,etc architectures...

[2]The slides of "interest" to me are from the "product engineers" who actually implement the technology..the guys who code everyday....

[3]Most(not all) of the slides of "NO(LEAST) interest" to me are from the so called "standards experts" which has NO MEAT in their presentations. This is like a reference documentation with full of useless pointers...


Aug 10, 2004

[good preso] how to keep your job?

If you are a software/hardware engineer and not sure about your job security, you MUST read this excellent presentation from Dave Thomas

Look at the CMM level 4 &5 ratings...reality!

Enjoy the reality and plan for your future!(your future is in your hands ONLY!)