Oct 31, 2005

Java Programming Puzzlers-JavaOne 2005

If you are a fan of Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter's Java Programming Puzzler(which I am ), then you might want to check out their latest one in JavaOne2005 here.

Isn't it fun? They always challenge
you with few lines of code....


Oct 14, 2005

"...more VC cash than they need"

Its nice to read this article on a friday night! You can call web2.0 startup's even as DotCom Version 2.0 but the fact of the matter is that this time both entrepreneurs + investors are careful about thier biz plan, atleast they have a biz plan before starting...

Web2.0 is all about Read-Write web and "Content" is the king!

Oct 13, 2005

Job openings(sw engineer)

If you/your friends looking for a sw engineering job in Java/Unix and send me an email, kumarudaya AT-SIGN yahoo DOT com.


Oct 9, 2005

Asian Earthquake

My heart goes out for the affected families and my prayers are with them. It's hard when nature strikes at this level on humans.

Oct 1, 2005

WS-Stds, how many more will come?

A friend of mine send me this URL and this WS-* is getting very crazy! I think only few stds in this list will matter and most of them won't even get noticed. This whole WS thing is an abstraction and trying to build a stack/sw just with these stds. is not possible and also doesn't make any sense.