Dec 23, 2005

Companies expecting to flip...

This is probably my last post for this year but never know :-(

Today, I was reading this blog here and the question it came up immediately to my mind is what about the enterprise startups like to flip?

I think it applies to them also. Customer list & generating $ is important for the acquirer to validate the technology + product. As mentioned in this blog, the development team is also "very important" to the acquiring companies.

The bottom line is we all should know "what we don't know" & focus on "what we know".

Happy holidays again,

Dec 17, 2005

Happy Holidays

I wish you all very happy holidays and take time off to spend with your family & friends. The year 2006 looks very exciting from the tech perspective and see you all next year with more tech blogs.

*The 1st line is NOT a graphics. It's written in Tamil. It reads as "vanakam" and it means welcome as well as bye.


Dec 5, 2005

[Web 2.0] Thumbs up from Doerr

I am following the current web 2.0 buzz in the valley closely and listen to various podcasts like this and many more...

This morning i saw the blog in the siliconbeat about Joen Doerr's webchat with Dan Farber, took time out in the busy monday morning to see the video.... The net net is that Doerr said "It's not a bubble and it's a boom".

IMO, it's a DotCom v2.0 and brings out lots of innovation using web as the platform.